Why Every Aussie Needs a Camper Trailer

camper trailer in the australian outback

Pictured above: A GIC Camper Trailer in the Australian outback.

Explore Australia. Don't just sit there, don't just wait around until you can get a good deal on a plane ticket, just get out there and explore Australia. Look, you're not getting any younger, and you're still missing out on seeing a lot of your own backyard if you don't get out there and go exploring.

If ever there was a country made for exploration by camper trailers, this is it. You can go from one corner to the other in a month-long trip, you can explore the coast all the way around for a year if you like, or you can just head out on weekends and holidays for a short camper trailer adventure now and then, but what you should certainly not do is waste one more moment of time.

If you're worried that off road camper trailers are too expensive, they're not (for example take a look at companies like GIC Camper Trailers). You can also get some of the smaller ones used for less than a single month's rent and some of the nicer ones for less than a used car. The cost of owning your own camper trailer is really more of an excuse than a good reason not to hit the road.

If you're worried about the costs of travel, well petrol is always a concern, but you can do a hundred miles of highway on less than you'd spend at just one fancy lunch with friends, so that's not really a concern, either. If travel is important to you, camper trailers and the costs associated with them really aren't quite so expensive in the grand scheme of things and compared to other expenses.

The Outback, the Reef, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Ayer's Rock, there's so much more to Australia than your tiny little corner of the continent. Off road camper trailers like those offered from can be your gateway to a life of fun and adventure on the open road. You don't need to retire from your job and live the traveller’s lifestyle if you don't want to, but you can at least explore the highways and byways on your time off without having to spend a lot of money.

If you're intrigued but you just can't afford a camper right now, look out for the smaller compact trailers. These trailers actually fold in on themselves like a pop up tent but provide more stability, shelter and security in harsher weather conditions. Even with these smaller camper trailers from manufacturers like GIC Campers, a highway rest stop might as well be a modest hotel room for the comfort and convenience you'll find.

For those who want to get really serious about traveling the Australian highways, there are larger, more comfortable trailers (for example that are comparable to a studio apartment on wheels. In any event, there's a trailer out there for your budget, your needs and your dreams. There are so many goals and ambitions and pursuits that we put off in life, some of them we never pick up again, so don't let exploring your homeland be one of them.


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