Saving precious water with a rain water tank. Why you should consider installing a home rain water tank.

We’ve all likely seen advertisements for quality poly slimline water tankswater tanks on local television, but many people still wonder what the point of owning one is. What most individuals don’t realise is the fact that these tanks have several uses. They also come in many different sizes, and this means their possible applications are nearly endless. Individuals sometimes only require a very small 340 litre water tank, but those with serious water needs get them in larger sizes of around 34,000 litres. Regardless, it’s important for everyone to know the benefits that any size tank can bring. 

1. Money Savings

Everyone loves for their lawn and garden to look immaculate, but this usually entails using large amounts of water to keep both healthy. Since this water costs money, it’s basically like watering your plants with cash. Regardless of whether a person purchases underground rainwater tanks, such as those available from TTF or above ground quality poly tanks, they can save money by harvesting and storing massive amounts of rainwater to use on their lawn and gardens.

2. Rainwater is Better for Plants

Everyone knows that plants need water to survive, but the experts over at The Water Tank Factory also point out that plants do better when they’re watered with rainwater. City water is often fluoridated and chlorinated. While this may be beneficial for people, plants do much better when their water is all natural. Water tanks allow homeowners to save this water for their gardens.

3. Saves Large Amounts of Water

Individuals in many areas of Australia say that it’s pointless for them to have a water tank. They believe this to be true simply because they don’t receive much rain during the year. Recent experiments, however, have shown that a roof with a surface area of only 1,000 square feet can collect around six hundred gallons of water with only one inch of rainfall.

4. Sizes and Shapes to meet all Needs

It’s only necessary to check out websites such as to see that there are an abundance of sizes and shapes when it comes to water tanks. For those who need large amounts of water saved, there are huge tanks available. For homeowners with minimal available space, slimline tanks can hold thousands of litres of water while only taking up the same amount of space as the average man.

5. Prevent Runoff Problems

Rainwater usually absorbs safely into the ground when it falls over uninhabited areas. In communities with homes and businesses, however, foundations, roads and other materials prevent this absorption. This can lead to sewers, ditches and even downstream rivers overflowing. An individual who owns a water tank is doing their part in preventing these issues. Many people even opt for steel tanks, and this ensures that they’ll be helping their community for years to come. A great number of people have already invested in slimline tanks and other types of water collection tanks. The best part about these tanks is the fact that they actually help a person’s wallet and the environment around them. The tanks aren’t extremely expensive, and they will eventually pay for themselves with the money an individual saves from watering their lawn and garden. For these reasons, it’s a good idea for everyone to have a water collection system in place.


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